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Quick Bites: Nile brings ‘culture of Ethiopia’ to Rochester

“If the cuisine is what keeps you coming back, the hospitality is what makes you stick around. Diners are warmly welcomed, and the staff works to help you understand and enjoy the cuisine and culture they love.”

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“At five-years old, living in Addis Ababa, I remember eating the chili-laced Ethiopian stew, called “wot”, and the sponge-like crepe bread, with a slightly sour taste (kind of like good San Francisco sourdough), called “injera”, with gusto. That wonderful melange of spicy, slightly smokey sauce, cut with the acidic injera, made the best “finger food” for a kindergartener. And all of it very much finger-licking-good!”

Reviewed by YipYipYipee

“My first experience with Ethiopian so we went with the combo platter. Every single side was delicious and perfectly cooked and seasoned. Most were only slightly spicy and picking up the food with the pancake/bread was a lot of fun. This was a great way to sample and I was impressed with the quality.”

Reviewed by Chucks-Adverts

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